Tech Support

How to connect to other users:

First, ensure that you are connected to wifi. To connect to another user, you must be within at least the same room as them. When you open the app, your phone should automatically search the area to find any other players with the app also open. When you are connected to another player, the app will notify you begin the game.

How to set up your kitchen landscape:

Scan your environment through your phone camera. Be sure to do this slowly. The more yellow dots that appear, the better. Once your entire area has been scanned, you are ready to place your kitchen appliances. First, you will place your oven. To set it down, simply tap the spot where you would like it to sit. The oven should orient itself to sit on the ground. Repeat these steps to place the shelf, workstation, and order window.

For other problems:

If something doesn’t seem to be working correctly, closing and reopening the app usually does the trick. If our system is down, we will update our social media, so check our facebook page for updates about functionality.