Amore Pizza

The Ultimate
Augmented Reality
Gaming Experience.

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About Our App

Amore Pizza combines two of most intriguing elements in the modern world: technology and pizza. Using Augmented Reality, our team has created a multi dimensional gaming experience that allows players to create a life size, interactive pizza parlor at the tap of the screen. After scanning their surroundings, Amore Pizza technology allows players to build a pizza parlor, create their very own pizza creations, and even race against their fellow pizza chefs in multiplayer mode.

How The App Works?

Scan your Environment

First things first. Before launching head first into THE most exciting game of this generation, you must scan your environment to create the playing field.

Place the Kitchen

After the space has been scanned you are free to place your kitchen. Make sure you put some thought to it because efficiency is key in the game of pizza.

Complete your Orders

Just like that, you are on your way to completing orders. Race against the clock in order beat your own high score and don't let the orders pile up!


How many pizzas can YOU make?

Our Homeslices

The Checkpoints

Checkpoint 1

The Alpha, The Exploratory Research and The Plan

Checkpoint 2

The Beta, The User Research, and The UX Map

Checkpoint 3

The 1.0 and The Visual Design Document

Checkpoint 4

The 1.1, The Launch / social deliverables, and The Stage Presentation Beta, Final Documents


Final Documents

The Chefs